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AE&E adds more power to the portfolio

Steam generators, air pollution control, and boiler services complement existing capabilities for the Pulp & Paper business.

At the beginning of this year, ANDRITZ acquired some areas of the former AE&E Austria. The company now operates under the name ANDRITZ Energy & Environment (AE&E). AE&E originated from two Austrian companies with a 150-year successful business story. There are two locations in Austria (Raaba and Vienna) with 350 employees. AE&E operates in three areas, which complement the capabilities of ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER quite well:

Steam Generators and Plants. The product range covers circulating fluidized bed boilers  (POWERFLUID) to generate energy from coal and biomass residues and waste; bubbling fluidized bed boilers (ECOFLUID) for biomass and other biogenic residues and waste; soda liquor and sulphite liquor recovery boilers for the pulping industry; and POWERBLAST boilers for the steel industry. These technologies complement the existing boiler products from ANDRITZ (biomass boilers, recovery boilers, gasifiers, and evaporation plants).

Air Pollution Control. AE&E supplies emission control technologies for a wide range of applications: wet limestone flue gas desulphurization , dry flue gas cleaning (TURBOSORP), complex multi-stage systems for waste incineration, and plants for NOx removal (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

Service. The service business operates across all the technologies mentioned above to fully support products throughout the complete lifecycle. Services include technical support, troubleshooting, replacement parts, repairs, assistance during inspections and outages, and modernization/ upgrade activities.

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER has integrated the steam generator technology into its Recovery and Power division, and the service business is now a part of the global Service division. Air Pollution Control operates as a new division. Notable projects in the recent history of AE&E include the world's largest alternative fuel boiler plant  in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany (which provides power and steam for the nearby ProPapier paper mill), the largest sulphite liquor boiler (Sappi Amakhulu, South Africa), and turnkey installation of a flue gas desulphurization system for the largest thermal power plant in Romania. AE&E customers within the Pulp & Paper segment also include UPM, Stora Enso, SCA, M-real, and Sappi.

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